Saturday, January 19, 2013

Again, Good bye

More of our most experienced elders come to the end of their two years of service.  Telling them good bye and thank you wasn't any easier this time than last.   Does that ever happen?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Second Zone Leader Council

Aren't they handsome?

It was a big week.  We invited the Zone Leaders of the mission to come to the mission home again to sleep over, and then held Zone Leader Council the next day at the Clinton Ward Building which is our Stake Center.  The assistants have taught me how to do the "snack", and a quick breakfast.  Again, the office couples helped me with the food for the Zone Leader lunch and then helped me clean up after.  Many hands make this work light and do-able!  I'm so grateful to them and for them.

New, Ready-for-it Assistant

With the departure of Elder Garrett, the President found a new assistant.  He was in training with the assistants for a couple of weeks.  Here are our wonderful, powerful leaders.  They work hard, sacrifice a lot, set excellent examples!  We are grateful for them.  We love them!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Leaving?!? So Soon?

It came as quite a shock to have these strong, experienced, valuable missionaries go home.  Why would you want to leave?  Oh, yes.  I remember.  For a mom, it's the BEST day of the whole mission when your missionary comes home.  Such a blessing to have seen it from that side first.  Sister Irion in the Tennessee Knoxville Mission has said to ease the pain of departures, "Just remember there are balloons on the other side."  Sigh.  I  miss theses wonderful people.  I am blessed to have known and served with them!

First New Missionaries -again, but in order

On August 6, 2012, we went to the airport and picked up our first group of missionaries.  It's out of order in the previous post, but here they are now in order.  I hope I figure this all out.  Some of these are now training our new missionaries.  They are all amazing and wonderful in every way!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Senior Missionaries - Couldn't Do Without Them!

These are the office couples.   And also a couple of our dearest assistants.

District Meeting - DDM

A indescribable experience is attending a District Meeting.  A District Leader teaches missionaries in his district and then they continue by sharing teaching experiences and opportunities and testimonies.  They offer suggestions to each other.  They become giants, no longer 19-20 something- year-olds.  I wish every person who loves them could see them during this time.  You would be so proud!  I feel so blessed to be a part of all this!

More Mission Tour

Since I'm not quite sure how this Blog works, and I'm even less sure after tonight, I will put the rest of the Mission Tour out there so everyone can see our incredible missionaries.  Some have gone home.  We've received new ones.  We love them all!