Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day Four

Interviews, Day Three


On With the Interviews!


This is Such a Gorgeous Place!

 Mississippi Sunset along the Natchez Trace
My phone just can't do it justice, but it was spectacular in that tall, tall sky!
 Arkansas autumn leaves.  They seem more vivid this year than last year.

This is among my favorite billboards.  Wish I could take them home. 
These people know and love the Savior.  We are blessed to be here!

Interviews Start Again -- We Love Seeing the Missionaries!

I stayed home to clean the Mission Home after a big fun week full of missionaries.  I also needed to prepare for the upcoming travel to interviews while President McDonough
started interviewing in Clinton, closer to the Mission Home.
He missed pictures of a few missionaries. We'll try to catch them again.
Here are the pictures he took for me.  He does a good job (at everything!)

Here are our beautiful and handsome missionaries!  ....More to come!

Mission Leader Council November 2013

Mission Leader Council Training, November 2013

Mission Leader Council training is excellent.  President McDonough teaches.  The Assistants teach.  The leaders teach each other.  We feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
Concerns of the mission are talked about from many angles.
Decisions are made.
This is a powerful, wonderful council. 



And, of course, we couldn't do this without the office staff and their many hours of work!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some Zone Leaders Arrive for Mission Leader Council

 Is this Mustache March?  No it's No-Shave November.......
...such treasures at the dollar store!

Big Week of Arrivals, Transfers, Departures and Mission Leader Council

We are all worn out.
Thank you to the Sister Training Leaders for all the help they gave me!
We worked real hard.