Sunday, September 29, 2013

Returning Home September 2013

It was hard for them to believe this day finally came.
When we arrived at the airport their flight was delayed and so instead of
leaving all together on one plane to Atlanta, they scrambled and left in three different groups.
They all made their connecting flights.
They all arrived home safely.
We love these powerful, magnificent, experienced, wonderful missionaries.
We and others are beyond blessed that they came to the Mississippi Jackson Mission!

We'll be watching and cheering.  These missionaries are going to do great things in the world
just like they've done great things in the mission!
We wish them all the best.

Rain During Transfers

 It knows how to rain in our mission.
 It doesn't always last really long, but it is really wet.
 Can't pass up a nice truck when there's a couch to move. 
Someone is going to be getting a new sofa.
 Missionaries got a little damp, but onward and upward they go!

 Aw, it's just a little rain.
I LOVE these missionaries and all our missionaries!
We are so blessed.

Transfer Point in Clinton

 This would be a difficult ride.


September 2013 New Missionaries

Ta Daaaaaa! 
Two More Visa-Waiting Sisters -- Yay!
This is where "We'll Bring the World His Truth" blasts in my head and
may leak out through my ears.