Sunday, October 20, 2013

Interviews Continued in Vicksburg

A baptism was scheduled here that evening too.

Seniors Conference October 2013

Following the pattern established by the Tuckers before us and we don't know how long before them, we try to have a Seniors Conference twice each year around General Conference time.
This year we squeezed one in. 
Thousands of thanks to the office staff! 
We had delicious food the office staff prepared and served.
It was a lot of fun to gather with all our senior missionaries.  They don't get to see and be with each other often so they enjoyed meeting each other and comparing responsibilities, sharing talents.
Have I mentioned...

Here is a wonderful group of senior missionaries.  (I was happy. I must have missed the "one, two, three.)
We love them all.  We are so very grateful they've chosen to serve.

 Sister Lefgren was too fast and we missed a picture of her.  Here she is doing one of the many things she does best.... being with some of the missionaries who adore her!

Sister Simpson was also too fast for a picture. The same can be said of her and Elder Simpson as far as here they are in a recent picture with a few of the many missionaries who love and depend on them!

Our mission, our missionaries and our lives are blessed because these choice Elders and Sisters chose to serve.  Our gratitude is boundless for these and all the senior missionaries we've had the privilege to know and work with.  We love them!

Cotton Fields

Last year we saw fields like this and wondered what in the world they were.  What is so snowy white that grows on brown twigs?  We guessed cotton.  I wanted you to see the expanse of the fields along the way in a part of "The Delta."  The fields are flat and level for as far as the trees let you see. 
Corn, soy, and other crops are also planted in these vast, beautiful fields.

This almost gives an idea of the white cotton before it's harvested.  It was so new to me I had hoped to catch a picture.  Some day I'd love to tour a ginnery.

More Interviews in Monroe

 We deliver media supplies as we go.  It's always fun to get a package!

Ruston Interviews

 These sisters had a baptism that night.

The Zone Leaders made Halloween treats for the president and I.
Pretty cute.  The treats are too.  Thank you!