Saturday, August 31, 2013

District Meeting in Brookhaven

We were able to go to the Brookhaven District Development Meeting.  It was fun and good.  I learn more each time I attend a DDM.  I am so grateful for these wise, talented, knowledgeable missionaries and all they do to learn to be better teachers.
Why do they work so hard?
To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them to receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.
They keep their purpose in mind.
They prepare well. 

 These sisters moved to a new area in a new kind of dwelling for the missionaries in our mission.
 And, they love it!  It's very spacious and comfortable.
They keep it clean, neat and tidy.
It's a double-wide.  Very nice.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday in Sand Hill Branch

There is a small branch in Sand Hill. 
These missionaries and some sister missionaries go there each week.  There is work to do.

Trip to Columbia, Mississippi

 We visited these fabulous missionaries on Saturday.
We ate dinner at this quaint restaurant. 
It was delicious!
It is so much fun to see missionaries in their own areas.  They are doing great.




Mission Leader Council, August 23, 2013

Elder Kopischke's plane was leaving around lunch time so we took him to the airport and returned for more of the training, reviewing, and counseling that happens with this fabulous group of young mission leaders, including a few he requested to attend.  We are still learning from the words, stories, demonstrations, example and testimony of this great man.
His visit will continue to bless us, the missionaries 
and this mission for a long time.
The more we think about it and review our notes, the more we continue to learn.

An Enlightening, Enriching, Uplifting, Inspiring Visitor

 It was a whirlwind three days!  These brethren keep packed schedules and accomplish so very much in a short time.  How blessed our missionaries, our stake and ward counsels and ourselves are to have spent this time with a true and wonderful servant of the Lord!  Thank you.

Our Only Missionary to Extend...Ever

This darling little dynamite sister ended up staying in the MJM seven more weeks than expected because her visa made her do it.  We were so blessed to have her for just a little longer
as a Sister Training Leader.
You would be amazed at the surprising powerhouse this pretty, petite sister is.


Shreveport Stake Conference

The weekend following new arrivals, transfers, and departures, we traveled to Shreveport to attend the Priesthood Leadership Meeting (the president), and the Relief Society Leadership Training (me). I so enjoyed sitting with those dedicated Relief Society leaders, being taught by their Stake Relief Society President and by the Shreveport Stake President.  Next day was Stake Conference and we had a lot of missionaries there. Some left with their rides before I pulled out my phone for pictures.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mission: Completed

I have a new perspective about missionaries that we love and adore leaving.
Their families love and adore them too and they've been with us here for a long time.
I guess it's ok if they go home.
But we'll miss them like crazy!
How enriched and blessed our lives are because we know them.

We arrived late at the airport.  Two missionaries were able to reschedule their flights.  Two missionaries stayed with us one more day.  Their families were extremely kind and understanding.
They worked hard that last, extra day here.
 A few extra minutes in the office.
We are so very grateful for the valient, dedicated, selfless service
that these incredible missionaries have given.

MJM Leadership

There are many details involved in preparing for zone conferences,
new arrivals, transfers, and departures.  Many.
These leaders are kept busy through P-days, one or two late nights,
and long days in the mission offices.
They are willing, able, talented, inspired, wonderful, powerful, beautiful, handsome leaders.
We are so blessed!

Transfer Day

Lots of missionaries, lots of bikes.  Lots to move to new locations.  Isn't it great?!!





 Cool in the kitchen.
At last we circle up.

 Sing a song.  Say a prayer.

 Drivers come to the center.  Names are called.

And the next adventure has begun.
It was a very hot day.  The floors were being refinished in the gym so we mostly stayed outside except when we'd slide back into the kitchen for a little coolness.
The senior office couples had provided bottled water and snacks in there. (Thanks!)
It was overcast on and off.  We worried that it may rain while we were all outside.
President McDonough said it would wait until we were finished.
It did.  As the last car was pulling out of the parking lot it rained hard.
We experience many small miracles everyday.