Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Transfer Day

Lots of missionaries, lots of bikes.  Lots to move to new locations.  Isn't it great?!!





 Cool in the kitchen.
At last we circle up.

 Sing a song.  Say a prayer.

 Drivers come to the center.  Names are called.

And the next adventure has begun.
It was a very hot day.  The floors were being refinished in the gym so we mostly stayed outside except when we'd slide back into the kitchen for a little coolness.
The senior office couples had provided bottled water and snacks in there. (Thanks!)
It was overcast on and off.  We worried that it may rain while we were all outside.
President McDonough said it would wait until we were finished.
It did.  As the last car was pulling out of the parking lot it rained hard.
We experience many small miracles everyday.


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