Saturday, December 27, 2014

Clean Apartment Awards

Merry Merry Christmas!

We didn't have a Christmas tree contest, but we were told if we did this one would win.  It was delightful to step into this apartment and out of the world.
It was a magical, beautiful Christmas place!
So fun!
We've had one of our best Christmases ever.
There's nothing like Christmas in the mission field.
We so love all our amazing missionaries!

Christmas Zone Conference #5


 Missionaries worked hard to have their cars ready for inspection.
Then it rained.
Did you know how well it rains in Mississippi?
Really, really well.

The missionaries persevered through the rain....downpour!
 Everyone was awarded the BOSH Award
(Big Ol' Shiny Hubcap)

We had a great time.
Thank you to everyone who wrote to their missionaries.
That was a special part of the Zone Conference for them to open their Christmas letters from home.
We hope every Merry Christmas was magnificent! 

Christmas Zone Conference #4

 This current Stake President and his wife have been called to be Mission President and Wife of the Spain Madrid Mission.
Aren't they blessed!!!!!
We were blessed to have most of the current Stake Presidents join us at each of our
Zone Conferences.  They added a special completeness to the meetings.
We were edified and filled and spiritually fed...
And physically fed.
Thank you to the generous Relief Societies who provided time and effort for such feasts!
Now we're
Ready to go for it in 2015!!