Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wo! Time for Interviews Again!

Here we go!
We drove behind this truck.  Isn't that the best?!?
Only in the South would a tough truck driver put a scripture reference on the back of his truck.
And it's a good one!



Another fun sight.... Goodgoin' Rd. 
Love this place!

Well Done

Thank you
to these incredible, valiant, wonderful, powerful missionaries! 
We watched them grow up in the mission. 
They have blessed our lives, the lives of other missionaries,
and the lives of members and members-to-be.
Our joy is full.
We love you and miss you!
Thank you for coming!!!!

One of the Assistants returned to the field to train for his last transfer here.
He did a great job!  We will keep watching him and all our returned missionaries.
We will keep cheering for all of them.
We love them all!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Transfers, July 2014

 Transfers are a time for reconnecting with former companions,
missionaries from your MTC group,
missionaries who were in former areas and heading to new areas.
 Transfers are also a time for saying good-bye
and so glad you came and I'll love you for all you taught me forever.
Transfers complete, returning-home missionaries come to the mission home.
I ususally keep them working up to the last minute there.
So kind and generous of them to continue serving as they have for all eighteen months or two years!
Thank you!