Sunday, May 17, 2015

Final Interviews

Ready?  Go!

 President McDonough tried a selfie.
He missed, but this is a pretty good picture!
 Second try.
Not too bad!



 Area Books and Planners
They guide our missionary lives and keep us focused on the Work.
Missionaries become very efficient when using them.
Exceptional Missionaries!


 Final interviews complete.
Man!  We're finishing some of our "lasts."
I missed pictures of four missionaries.
If they send them to me, I'll post them.
We love all these missionaries!
They are excited about the new mission president and his wife.
It's a good feeling.  They'll love them!
 These two are "Old Timers!"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

MLC May 2015

Mission Leadership Council
is held once each month.
The leadership of the mission comes together at the mission home for food, support and friendship,
(that's the fun part) 
and meetings directed by the missionaries themselves
(it takes a lot of work.)
These meetings continue the next day at the Church under the direction of President McDonough.
They are taught, strengthened, encouraged
and learn to do the same
for the missionaries in their Zones.
They are so impressively wonderful!
True at All Times.

Most of these leaders will take the Mississippi Jackson Mission through the
transition of mission presidents. 
 Such an exciting time for the missionaries and for the new Mission President and his wife!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Good-bye to More of our Best Missionaries!

Each transfer goes faster and faster and again it's time for hard-working, exceptional, excellent missionaries to return to their wonderful families.
We have loved them and admired them for their patience and kindness,
cheerfulness, diligence and perseverance.
They have grown in testimony and experience.  They are ready for whatever the world has for them, strong in their whole armor of righteousness!
"Go forth!  Be Awesome!"

Another incredible assistant returns home.  His mom can be so proud!


Off to T-Point!

 Missionaries enjoy the camaraderie!

 There are usually a few minutes for emailing in the Family History Center.
Thanks for allowing us!

 A mom will most likely recognize her daughter who doesn't like pictures.
 Sweetest Sisters!  Mission-Time is getting short!

We COULD NOT do this without all of the work of our wonderful seniors!  Love them!
Thank you!

 Circle up.

Sing a song.  Powerful!  You should hear them!

Say a prayer.
A driver comes to the center.  Names are called.

Another Transfer begins, filled with hope, determination, courage, FAITH.
Onward, Army of Helaman!
True at all times.
How we love you!