Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Newest Missionaries - May 2015

We were grateful to welcome eleven new missionaries, fresh and ready for everything!
It was a most beautiful Mississippi spring day!
Next it's lunch at the Church, a "sleepy Chapel meeting," testimonies, and off to the Mission Home.
President McDonough interviews each missionary and finishes the interviews back at the
Mission Home. 
We feed them a light dinner, have a "family prayer," and then the missionaries are welcome to go to bed.  We were surprised at how long it took for them to be settled and still.
We give them a simple breakfast, they see the transfer board and where they'll be going and who their new companions will be.  It's all very fun and exciting!  The Assistants and the STLs come for breakfast, help take the pictures, and help organize them for what's next.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures.
(I remember what it feels like to be a mom waiting to see any glimpse of her missionary!)
 Aren't they gorgeous and handsome!?!
They are a wonderful group of new missionaries.  We love them!  We are excited for the amazing journey ahead of them.  They will become great missionaries.
Now on to Transfer-Point.

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