Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wonderful Interviews

It is good to be with the missionaries.
We love interviews!

More to come.....


 I had some great help for the preparations.
Thank you!

 Cameras were set on timer, lined up across the mantel and carefully aimed.
 Such cute photographers!
It was a Happy Thanksgiving.
We are so grateful for the blessing of serving with these and all the MJM missionaries,
past and present.
We love them all!

More Interviews

 A young man from the ward opened his mission call at the Church while we were there.
Australia, Melborne!
He's gonna love it.

Monday, November 24, 2014


I'm pretty talkative this time, but I just have to say how much we missed Interviews.
Zone Conferences with Elder and Sister Zwick were wonderful and are influencing our mission and missionaries in very good ways! 
We are blessed that they came.
We are quoting them, trying to accomplish 
the goals we set with them,
and seeing great things happening in our mission
because of the teaching and advice they gave.
We've started Interviews again.

From Preach My Gospel:
"Your faith will increase through diligent study, prayer, dedicated service, and obedience to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the commandments."

As we strengthen each of these four pillars, our faith will increase.



This is the largest departure group we've had.
They are, again, our BEST missionaries.
They have been exceptional.  We are so grateful they came!
We have watched them grow and learn and become incredible missionaries.
They have worked hard.
Oh! I wonder how the Mississippi Jackson Mission can go on without them!?!
It has before.  It will now,
Because this is His Work and He is in charge.

We love them!  We always will.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Transfers, Part 2

During taking pictures at the Transfer Point in Clinton, the SD card in the camera was full.  We changed to a new SD card and continued shooting.
I gathered all the information needed to send pictures and emails to the families of newly arrived missionaries and we hit the road for Interviews early the next day.
It's so NICE to get back to Interviews!
Someone in our family is so efficient!  The SD
 card with the new arrvials' pictures is safely tucked away at home in a fireproof safe.
(These missionaries and pictures of them are valuable to us!)
So, I will post pictures of part of the transfer and pictures of our
precious returned home missionaries.
When I get home and after Thanksgiving I will catch up on all the pictures and emails I've missed.
Here goes.