Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 2014 New Arrivals

 Waiting for our newest missionaries to arrive is filled with excitement, anticipation
and great expectations.
Feels like Christmas!
 And here they are, fresh off the plane, luggage gathered and loaded into the vans.
What a great bunch of new missionaries!
The Church is about ten minutes away from the airport.
We feed them, let them gather overnight items if they haven't already,
give them a brief orientation even though they're asleep (one or two stood up the whole time so they wouldn't fall asleep...impressive), start interviews with President McDonough,
and then it's off the the Mission Home.

 We have more food, just sandwiches, more interviews with President McDonough, family prayer, and then the elders are off to the Assistants' apartment and the Zone Leaders' apartment to sleep.  The Sisters stay upstairs at the Mission Home.
The next morning, everyone comes back to the Mission Home for breakfast, finding out their assignments and new companions, and then away to the Transfer Point in Clinton.
They're gonna love it.

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