Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Missionaries! So Fun!

It is so much fun to pick up new missionaries!
(Just like Christmas!)

We are blessed to have a few VISA waiting missionaries again.
It's another beautiful, spring day in Mississippi.
They're gonna love it!!!

Oh, Those Visas! Another One Comes

And another wonderful and amazing missionary goes.
He has been such a good missionary!
He changed some lives while he was here.  We love him.
Now he will bless the lives of many people in Australia.
We are so grateful he chose to serve and thankful he came to us on his way to Australia!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Interviews Complete

...until we start again next week!
We LOVE seeing all the missionaries and it feels like it's time again.
We're glad and look forward to seeing them.
We love each missionary.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IV. My Mission Has Blessed My Life




Middle of March Interviews

The President is almost finished with Interviews.  One more day.
We love Interviews and look forward to starting again next week after Transfers.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Zone Conference March 13, 2015

 On this last day of Zone Conference it rained.  We drove up to the Church and all the cars were closed.  All the missionaries were inside.  It was raining.  No break.
The missionaries were in the chapel, scriptures open, studying quietly, reverently.
It was impressive to walk into the room of silent, beautiful and handsome missionaries!
It rained and rained.  We listened and were taught.
This is not our work.  This is the Lord's Work.
This is His Restored Gospel.
We are blessed and privileged to participate in sharing and inviting others to receive.
How we LOVE these and all the missionaries!  We are so blessed!
Everyone received the BOSH Award.

Zone Conference March 12, 2015

 The time changed to Daylight Savings before the beginning of Zone Conferences.  We looked at the wrong time day after day.  Some courageous elders climbed up and changed one of the clocks so we could do better at staying on time.
 That was so nice!  Thank you!
 There wasn't a very big break in the rain on this morning.
Missionaries still polished their cars.  All of the cars looked so nice!
A little wet (beads of water), but very nice!
 Missionaries started getting wet!
 Come in, come in!  It's cold out there!

In addition to our Area Medical Adviser and his wife, our
Mission Nurse came to this Zone Conference.
We are very blessed to have her!
She wears many hats including being in the Stake Relief Society.
She came and spoke to the missionaries and left to fix their lunch!
Thank you for ALL you do for us!
 The new Stake President of this Stake also came and spoke to the missionaries.
 There was a big enough gap in the rain to inspect the cars long enough to give awards.
 Nicely Done!