Sunday, April 13, 2014

Specialized Training

We completed Specialized Training this past week.
The pictures are random and I didn't capture everyone.
Specialized Training is for District Leaders and their companions
and new missionaries and their trainers.
We so enjoy seeing the missionaries! We love them all.
We are blessed to see them often.






General Conference, April 2014


 We made "Conference Cake" and had missionaries with us for all four sessions and missionaries and a friend accompanied President McDonough to the Raytown Branch for General Priesthood Meeting.
Oh, how we love these and all our missionaries!
We were all very grateful for a wonderful, uplifting, spiritually power-packed General Conference.

April 2014 MLC

 Again it was time for the Mission Leadership to gather, to counsel, to learn, to testify, to be strengthened and to strengthen each other.
And then they return and strengthen those they lead.
These are outstanding and wise young leaders.
They are obedient, diligent, faithful, and trustworthy.
They are most of the attributes listed in D&C 4. 
We are blessed by their goodness.


Please indulge me this moment to post pictures of our son and his wife's visit.
They brought some
Oh we had fun!
Mikey was a month old when we left to come to Mississippi.

We went to the Children's Museum.

 We went to the Museum of Natural History.
This was a friendly bear.

We went to the Mission Office so they could meet our fabulous senior office couples. 
Mikey helped with the Transfer Board.
We went to the playground.

And we went to the Raytown Branch building.

Hope these sweet children remember the beauties of Mississippi!
From Mississippi they headed up to Knoxville, Tennessee, to see their other parents/grandparents
who preside over that mission.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Difficult Departure -- Party!

Sometimes good-byes are easier when the time spent
 together is celebrated in a big way.
Barbecue at the Miller's!!!
Our senior couples are indispensible and the young missionaries love them!
We do too!
We will forever be grateful to these amazing, selfless seniors.

We are SO GLAD you came!
Thank you for your untiring, generous, and kind service.