Sunday, November 9, 2014

MLC, November 2014

We depend on one of the office missionaries to always arrange us for pictures.
Sister Bentley is currently the one and she does an excellent job.
She also made arrangements for us to go across the street
from the Church for this one.  Pretty setting, huh.
She was the photographer too.  Nicely done!
Thank you, Sister Bentley.

Seniors' Conference, November 2014

Once or twice in a year, we enjoy a Seniors' Conference.
We are exceptionally blessed, again, to have outstanding senior missionaries serving.
(They don't act their age.)
They give up a lot.  They sacrifice a lot.
They love the young missionaries a lot.
The young missionaries make it all worth it!
We love them.  ALL.
 This is the committee who worked hard to plan food and activity and entertainment for the
Seniors' Conference.
It was so much fun!  Well done.  Thank you!
Here are the full time senior missionaries in our mission.
We also have service missionaries who give their time and help all through the mission.
We are very grateful to them for all they do to help keep things running smoothly.
We couldn't do this without each one.
After a morning of learning, growing, and strengthening,
being taught by President McDonough and each member of the committee, we went to  
The Swamp.  Perfect!  It was Halloween.

We came away entertained, uplifted, strengthened, and ready for more of the day to day
missionary work which we are so blessed to love and be a part of.
Thank you to everyone who worked hard.  Our time there was delightful!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Apartments

With this many missionaries there are quite a few apartments.
Missionaries move in and move out on occation.  Here is one of the latest moves.

Lots of the missionaries' apartments involve stairs.
Strong, amazing missionaries!
Now for the October Apartment Awards





Just as apartments are opened, apartments need to be closed too.  These elders worked really hard to close an apartment.  Thank you for your muscles and service!