Friday, June 12, 2015

Zone Conference, Day One

  Good Morning!  It's not too warm, but the shade feels good.  Beautiful day!
 Working hard.
Gorgeous and sharp missionaries!
 Always one of my favorite scenes.
 Our beautiful, faithful, dedicated senior missionaries make it all possible.
 Cars can be waxed on the spot!
 It's a good time to de-junk.  This elder gathered up a huge pile that came out of someone's car.
 Oh, it looks so good!
 It's a bright, bright, sunshiny day!
 Check lists help in catching the details.  This handsome senior missionary knows a lot!

 Such good looking elders!
Lots of cleaning and other supplies make car inspections a time of renewal.
As missionaries finish getting their cars ready, they come into the Chapel to do personal study.
We had a couple of the "kitchen help" join us for pictures.
We are so pampered by the good food that is prepared and served to us.
Thank you to everyone who works so hard to feed us.
We love you.
The Stake President and his wife also joined us for this Zone Conference. They spoke to the missionaries and gave them deeper insight and understanding.
We have been extremely blessed by all the leadership throughout our mission.
We love you.
AND these amazing missionaries!!!!
We love you!!! 

Winners of the Going the Extra Mile Award!
Great Job!!!

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