Friday, June 12, 2015

Zone Conference - Day 4

 This day was rainy...
And it knows how to rain really well in Mississippi.
Missionaries came inside for cover.
Car inspections:  Elder Bentley could easily tell whose car had been waxed.
Generally, the weather has been great for these Zone Conferences,
but just not on Day 4.
Missionaries adjust and move forward nonetheless.
We love these missionaries!

 Thank you to the Relief Society Sisters who provided such a fun lunch, luau complete with decorations and leis to wear.  We are always treated with such kindness and generosity!
Thank you for this beautiful keepsake plate!
It says: "Missionary: (noun) Someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others can be their families for Eternity!
Mississippi Jackson Mission 2015"
This is a treasure!
Thank you!

 Many hands.
Clean up goes quickly.
 These decorations make great props.

 Missionaries make everything fun.
 Circle up.  Sing to the cooks.
 Happy Birthday to the missionaries for a couple past months, present month and future month.
Happy Birthday!

Such a colorful Zone!

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