Monday, June 30, 2014

Specialized Training

Specialized Training is for District Leaders and their companions, and
new missionaries and their trainers.
The Assistants and President McDonough teach, train, and collect suggestions from these missionaries.  This helps decide future policies or meet other needs in the mission.
 District Leaders
 New Missionaries and Trainers
 Specialized Training
One last picture for the blog!

 District Leaders
 New Missionaries and Their Trainers

 Specialized Training
 District Leaders
 New Missionaries and Their Trainers

Specialized Training

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Interviews - This Round Completed

You've heard of selfies......

Teach, train, then practice,

Add strong missionaries' hands to strong YM hands and
the work of setting up chairs for Stake Conference is pretty quick!
There is joy in service.

Sometimes what you don't see
happens anyway.

Me too!

The end of Interviews, the end of Stake Conference, clean up complete.
Such good missionaries!  We love them all.
On we go for Specialized Training next.