Saturday, June 7, 2014


Missionaries, new and not so new, help unload luggage.  Soon they will load it up to be taken to new areas for the missionaries.  So nice for many hands to offer help!
It's fun for missionaries to see other missionaries at the Transfer Point.
Some companions will have new assignments and new companions.

Some will meet their new companions for the first time.

The Office couples supply snacks.
That is so nice!
That is so generous!
Thank you.

Luggage and stuff go to designated rooms in the Church according to area.

New missionaries and not so new missionaries email from the Family History Center.


For some this is their first transfer.  For some, this transfer is home.

More and more missionaries arrive.
New destinations are pretty exciting.

We count our blessings.  They are many!

Hard to believe how fast two years goes!
Always working.  Always cheerful.
We surely depend on our Senior Couples!

Time to circle up,
 sing a song,

 say a prayer.
 Working to the last minute of their last day in the MJM,
our seniors drive the missionaries to their new areas.
Oh, we'll miss this couple!
ALL of the missionaries have loved them!
Thank you for your tireless, devoted service.

And so, another transfer begins.

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