Sunday, December 29, 2013

Interviews -- On We Go!

With Elder Kopischke's suggestion of Interviews once each transfer, we will be spending a lot of time on the road.  We left the day after Christmas to continue this round of interviews.  Because the missionaries are brilliant and wonderful, it's a grand opportunity for me to sit in on their District Meetings as President McDonough interviews each missionary.  It is good to see them frequently.  We love these missionaries!  You can be very proud of them.  Sunday we attended Church in the wonderful New Boston Ward.  Our missionaries there were excellent hosts, gave up their time for talks in Sacrament Meeting to us and taught a great lesson in Gospel Principles.  Sundays are busy days for missionaries.  Elder Zwick told us that we can triple our efforts with the help of the members.  They are such good people!  Much is said about how they can assist the missionaries.

Christmas 2013 at the Mission Home

We woke up and started fixing the food for the day.  The President went outside and discovered that some missionary elves had been working.
Hmmm.  Elves are even catching the wave! 

 Before this group left, we had a scripture study.
What a way to spend a little time on Christmas!
Reading and learning with these fabulous missionaries was
one of my best gifts.
We went caroling to a few neighbors.
It was a wonderful Christmas!

A Day of Interviews before Christmas

Sunday, December 22, 2013

They'll Be Home For Christmas!

They will be their family's best Christmas gift.  Nothing could be better!
We've had missionary sons make it home for Christmas. 
(I wonder if their mission moms felt like me right now.)
We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams to know and love
these wonderful, valient, beautiful, brilliant, incredible
They have enriched and enlightened our lives.
We are better people because we were privileged to know them.
They will make this old world a better place because of the people they've become and because of the people they will continue to become.


Transfer Day

 Transfer Day is every emotion.  It is fun, happy, sad, disgruntling, exciting, great.
 Here and following are some of our cutest missionaries!  I love them!

 I bet you can feel the fun just looking at these pictures of wonderful missionaries!

 New and not-so-new, they all enjoy gathering.

 Those who were new last time, are less new this time.
 Aren't they gorgeous!

 And handsome!
 I just love them all so much!
 Time to circle up
 Sing a song...."Called to Serve", Say a prayer.

 Drivers come to the center of the circle

 Names are called

 Away they go...
.......To be about six weeks.