Sunday, December 22, 2013

Visa? Oh Good! Oh no.

This beautiful sister has waited for her visa for quite a few months.  We became accustomed to having her and her excellent missionary skills working diligently in the Mississippi Jackson Mission.  She was feeling good about being here.  Everyone was happy and content.
Then the office got the call that one more visa had come through.
 Here she is in her brand new Christmas skirt. Her mother was inspired to send her Christmas package early.  This sister had just opened it the day she received the call from the office that
her visa had come!
We see small miracles like this every day.
She has blessed the Mississippi Jackson Mission.
She will bless Brazil.
How we love her! 
While we were waiting for her to check in, this adorable Santa was greeting people in the airport.  He knows the real reason for the season.  He loves to say "Merry Christmas!"
He must be the model for the Santa kneeling by the Christ Child.
He's one of my favorite Santas ever!

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