Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mission Leader Training, August 2013

Mission Leader Training starts at the mission home on Thursday night
with a simple snack and interviews with President McDonough. 
One of our senior missionaries is very good at telling campfire stories. 
He came once again and entertained while these missionary leaders 
waited for their turns to be interviewed.


 After the missionaries are interviewed, they can complete any assignments,
make a few calls, relax for a bit. 
We have family prayer, then sisters leave to 
sleep at the home of one of the office couples (thank you!).
Elders find a spot upstairs, downstairs, any empty couch, blow-up, cot, or bed.
 A released sister MJM missionary is now living in Mississippi.
She came by to say hello and pick up some things left behind.
It is so good to see her!  Love that girl!
 Next morning early, the missionaries eat breakfast, change sheets and make beds, then head off to the Brandon building for teaching and training. The assistants, zone leaders and sister training leaders strengthen each other and discuss how to strengthen their zones.
 This sister is over apartments with her husband.
She taught about respect for things that don't belong to us. 
These things could be important treasures to someone else. 
And, by the way, the apartments and furnishings are
The Lord's.
Treat them gently.
Speaking about cars. 
Please slow down.
Please be careful.
Please use, watch, listen to your co-driver who backs you up,
or cautions you in any way.
We have been very blessed to have only minor injuries.
We are so grateful!

Our wonderful young Mission Leaders, August 2013

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  1. I love your blog. Thanks for your work in the Lord's kingdom. Sister Miller