Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mission Office Up and Running running running!

The address
Mississippi Jackson Mission
175 Burham Road
Brandon, MS  30942

Catch your breath.
There is a lot going on always that keeps the mission running.
Here is a glimpse of the efficient office workers.
We couldn't do this without them!

This is our Fleet Manager and Media Secretary.
He knows ALL about the cars, accident reports, insurance, licenses, driving privileges, gas cards, and she knows ALL about the cases of copies of The Book of Mormon, other scriptures, pamphlets, pass along cards, manuals of all sorts, Bibles, children's copies of scriptures, planners,
area books, mission forms, markers, tabs, letters, etc., etc., etc.

 Some zones needed tons of media.  And kitchen supplies?

 Here is our Mission Secretary.  She knows everything about everything and everyone. 
She gets all the mail which comes to the mission office delivered to the missionaries.
She gets all the Blue Binders for each new missionary compiled and ready.
She calls, orders, copies, punches, mails, buys, stamps, answers phones and smiles.  Perfect!

This is the Financial Secretary.  He knows everything about BoA cards, rents, insurances, utility bills, phones, phone bills, gas cards, and all the expenses that keep the mission going and in balance.

We also have an incredible senior missionary couple over
Apartments....on the road again.
They know all about finding apartments, apartment inspections, repairs, carpet cleaning, plumbing, keeping bugs and other pests controlled, furniture, kitchen supplies, and other needful apartment managing.  They oversee other senior couples in other zones who, in addition to their missionary responsibilities, help out with apartment inspections, cleaning of all sorts,
and finding apartments, furniture, supplies.
The missionaries know who to call.

The senior missionaries love the young missionaries and do their best to
keep them happy, fed, delivered. 
The young missionaries love the senior missionaries.
We love them ALL!

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  1. Thats what I'm talken' about!! Yeah for Office Missionaries... Good looken' too!! Keep it up you sweeties of the office!