Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Round of Interviews --Texarkana

When Elder Kopischke visited, he suggested that the president conduct interviews more frequently.  At first I thought it would be impossible, but an obedient husband set to work to create a new schedule that would include interviews in each transfer cycle.  After asking districts to change one DDM to accommodate this new schedule, we started on Saturday.  
Oh, it was fun to see these missionaries!  
I love attending DDMs.  They are excellent and powerful.
We have faith that this new interview schedule, with the Lord's help, will go well.


  1. Dear Sister McDonough, the pictures for the last two blogs didn't come through. and since my daughter is in Texarkana, I would love to see the pics :-). I thoroughly enjoy your blog and visit it weekly. Thank you for regularly providing a "picture log" of the activities of our beloved missionaries. Ann McMurtry

  2. I likewise have an Elder in Texarkana and was excited to see pictures from Texarkana. Hope fully you can re-post them. I enjoy looking at your blog and check it frequently. Thank you for sharing pictures of our missionaries. I appreciate it.
    Thanks Laree Rowley