Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Golden Mop Award

The following is from Sister and Elder Lefgren, our amazing apartment/housing/maintenance/and-other-things senior couple.  They know everything about the places the missionaries live.  We are extremely blessed by all of the senior couples.  The missionaries love them.  They love the missionaries.

The “Golden Mop” Award is given to any companionship who can show an “amazingly” clean apartment to their Housing Coordinators.

This September’s “Golden Mop” goes to the following companionships:



Stonewall - Elder Crump and Elder Tanner


 View Garzand-Creager & Cook.JPG in slide show

 View Carlisle & Ely.JPG in slide show

View Thomas & Loftin.JPG in slide show

View Johnson & Thomas.JPG in slide show

View Giddins & Bean.JPG in slide show

View Carpenter & Phillips.JPG in slide show

View Brimley, Cole, Stevenson.JPG in slide show

View Whitlock & Whitehead.JPG in slide show

View Rocha & Carter.JPG in slide show

View Stevens & Birmingham.JPG in slide show

View murdoch & Joseph.JPG in slide show


View ashby and kington.jpg in slide show

View 2013-09-07 mclean-saunders 2.JPG in slide show

Clinton – Sister Brog, Sister Eschler and Sister Zemp

View Parson and Totterer.jpg in slide show


View Shaw and Sirmans.jpg in slide show

View 2013-09-03 Jenkins-welch.JPG in slide show

View 2013-08-29 reil and sumsion.JPG in slide show

View 2013-08-29 flint and denter.JPG in slide show

View 2013-08-29 hartwig-millsap.JPG in slide show

View 2013-08-29 pass christian.JPG in slide show

View 2013-09-03 Diehl-Nielson.JPG in slide show

View 2013-09-03 Nielsen-Whatcott.JPG in slide show

View Green & Mobley.JPG in slide show


View Chatterton & White.JPG in slide show

 View Jenkins & Mc Elderry.JPG in slide show

View Canaan & Palmieri.JPG in slide show

View Henrie & Kerr.JPG in slide show

 View Dalton & Rose.JPG in slide show

 View Sellers-Shallbetter & Williams.JPG in slide show

 View Elder & Sister Kimple.JPG in slide show

Hey!  We're proud of these missionaries!  They are learning a lot of life's practical skills as well as gospel skills and testimonies that will enrich and guide and make their lives wonderful.  Aren't you so proud of them?

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