Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcome to Mississippi! New Arrivals 11/4/2013

The Sunday night before new arrivals, transfers and departures, the Assistants to the President including a newly called Assistant who traveled with his companion, and
the Sister Training Leaders gather at the
Mission Home for dinner.  They plan with President McDonough
and prepare for a busy week ahead. 
We will also have Mission Leadership Council later this week.

 It is exciting to greet new Mississippi Jackson Missionaries.

 They are bright and beautiful and handsome 
even though they've been up since way early this morning
..more like they've been up since the middle of last night.

 It was a perfect Fall Day.

We are so glad they're here.

 They're gonna love it!
It takes a lot of people to get these new missionaries into the mission.  Not pictured here, but enormously important are the office missionaries
who have been preparing for this new group for months.

Oh, how we love them!

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  1. Thank you McDonough's! They all look Awesome! How exciting this is for all of us!