Friday, December 14, 2012

Mission Tour

President McDonough wanted to meet every one of the missionaries at their apartments. Off we went, following Elder Garrett and Elder Nykamp and calling them every few minutes. Where are you? Where are we?

Missionaries met us at their doors with warm handshakes and hugs. Their apartments had been specially cleaned and tidied for us. Some offered us drinks, treats, cookies: food. Food is an important part of a missionary's day and life. They were so generous! As we ran later and later in the planned schedule, the assistants called ahead to arrange with the next few missionaries to be there, and change or rearrange appointments. Every missionary without exception was gracious and kind.

 Missionaries really do live in this quaint and beautiful little home!

  These are just a very few of our wonderful missionaries that we visited at their apartments.  We also followed some to their buildings.  We found that these and all the missionaries are easy to love!

Firstborn in the Wildern…. Oh….Mission!

 The "existing" missionaries told us that the Tuckers, our predecessors, referred to their first arriving group of missionaries as their firstborn in the wilderness.  It fits!  And now as I write this after a few months of knowing these amazing and powerful missionaries, I can honestly say how much I love them and how proud of them and their growth and progress I am!  They came ready to work and they're working hard!  They arrived in Mississippi on August 6, 2012.







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