Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring on Our Pretty Street

Heading toward the mission home
the trees are so tall and beautiful that it feels like I'm in the mountains. 
I wanted you to see this pretty sight.

 The pictures above and below are both heading toward the mission home.
 The mission home is the two story with the white dormer you can see.
The picture above is what we see going away from the mission home.

The azaleas have been magnificent this year!
We also enjoy the different color birds.
This is our back yard.
Notice the storage shed?  It is neat and tidy inside and out because of the efforts of one of our senior missionaries.  Elder Lefgren with the help of Dayo, a wonderful friend, replaced some peeling siding and painted the whole building.  He completely emptied it and organized it on the inside.
The service he gave benefits us and will benefit future mission presidents who follow us.

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