Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Sunday Visit

As we travel around the mission for Interviews, we also get to visit different wards and branches.
We so enjoyed the beautiful drive and visit to this wonderful branch.
(This is a perfect time of year in our mission! ...between tornadoes.) 
It was fun meeting the new Branch President.
Incredible missionaries are there currently and incredible missionaries have served there in the past.
They recently moved into an apartment. 
They lived with a kind and generous member for quite a few years.

We also visited the house where some of the sisters have lived for a while.  The President hadn't seen it before and wanted to.  We were glad the sisters were home.
It is such a cute house and cuter because the sisters live there.  The Simpsons, one of our senior couples who have returned home, found this house.
Again, we remember previous incredible missionaries who have lived there and the hard work they've done.  We love them all.  We love those who have gone home and think about them a lot.
We will always be indebted to them for the magnificent service they gave.

Hard to say good-bye!

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