Sunday, February 1, 2015

Specialized Training

Specialized Training is for District Leaders and their companions and new missionaries and their trainers.  The District Leaders and their companions start together and are taught by President and Sister McDonough.  President teaches powerful, spiritual things like the Doctrine of Christ.  We feel the Spirit when he teaches and missionaries receive personal revelation for themselves.  I teach practical things like companionship inventory and how much I love missionaries who look like missionaries! I talk about a couple of medical and health things like eating well, exercise, go to bed on time, get up on time, take a multivitamin, get safety alerts on phones.  It's a good time to remind them to update or freshen a couple of gallons of water per person in their apartments and have food for 48 hours which doesn't have to be refrigerated.
Next President McDonough takes all the District Leaders and answers questions, instructs, strengthens, and helps them understand their role as the leader in their districts.

President McDonough then takes all of the new missionaries, except one who is already a trainer.  Trainers are taught and lifted and trained by the Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders while President is answering questions and helping new missionaries with any concerns they may have.  These are great meetings and missionaries would like them to last even longer...
but invigorated, motivated and thoroughly loved, it's back to work!

This is our newest missionary.  He has been with us only a week.  This was the first time President and I had the chance to meet him.  Thank you to the office couples and the apartment couples and others who picked him up and delivered him to his companion.  He is already a wonderful missionary!  He's gonna love it!

We are abundantly blessed with outstanding and becoming-outstanding missionaries!
They are growing, learning, changing, gaining courage, strengthening testimonies, conforming to missionary schedules, missionary attire and hair, and being wonderful in every way.
We are so proud of them!  You can be so proud of them!
Don't they all look just incredibly beautiful and handsome!?!?!!!

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