Sunday, April 5, 2015

MLC -- April 2015

Mission Leadership Council was again an uplifting and spirit-filled time.
The Leadership of the mission committed to leading by example, and leading with love and charity. 
We talked about our motive being our love for God, not trying to look good for other people.
Being TRUE requires commitment, integrity, endurance, and courage.
The commitment box reads:
Am I True At All Times?
Meaning, among other things,
 Do I keep my missionary focus even when it's late and I'm tired?
We cannot expect those who look to us to do anything that we are not willing to do.
Change from external pressure is not permanent.
We wish to change our hearts.
We seek to increase our faith.
We talked of the Savior's words before He was crucified.
Because of Him we can live with our Heavenly Father again.
Because of His love we are blessed with the Restored Gospel today.
Because He Lives, so can we!
And we are here to share that message with everyone.

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