Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second Week Zone Conferences June 2013

Hattiesburg Zone

Missionaries are beginning to enjoy all the practicing we do.

After a delicious lunch prepared by a Relief Society in Hattiesburg Stake, missionaries clean up tables and chairs.  Many hands... it goes quickly!

I don't know if others will get tired of seeing cars lined up and ready for inspection, but I really like them and love the missionaries who have taken such care to get them in tip-top condition!
And the BOSH Award winners in the Hattiesburg Zone are...

....all so gorgeous!
Time for more training.
 Our senior couple over all the apartments teach the missionaries
about insect and other pest infestations and how to avoid/control them.
"Don't Bug Me!"
They are wonderful, enjoyable, tireless, lovable missionaries.
We are blessed that they are here.
The next day is Specialized Training for District Leaders,
New Missionaries, Training Missionaries, and Sisters!
Gulfport Zone
Slidell Zone

The senior missionary in charge of the fleet of missionary cars found the perfect
Big Ol' Shiny Hubcap ....and this isn't it. 
He was using one (pictured) that came off of the Transfer Van and it wasn't shiny enough.

Winners of the new Big Ol' Shiny Hubcap Award.

Now THAT is a Big Ol' Shiny Hubcap!

Zone Conferences and Specialized Training come to an end for a couple of months.
It has been a powerful, spiritual, energizing time for us and for the missionaries!
OH!  We love all of these missionaries in all of these zones!  We are so blessed.

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