Sunday, February 9, 2014

Home for MLC -- Mission Leadership Council

Once each month, the leadership of the mission comes into Jackson for Mission Leadership Council.  We start at the mission home with the Sister Training Leaders around noon and lunch on Thursday.  The Assistants come to meet with President McDonough around three and the Zone Leaders arrive around six.  The senior office couples have been the ones who drive to Monroe and Hattiesburg to pick up and return the Zone Leaders.  This saves those precious miles and gives us peace of mind that they will arrive and return safely.  We are indebted, as always, to the senior couples and all the service they give.  We have sandwiches and snacks as they arrive.  At seven or seven-thirty the Assistants hold a meeting with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders where topics are discussed and chosen for the Council on Friday. 
This meeting has been a wonderful blessing to our mission.
Testimonies, dedication, caring, and concerns are all apparent at this meeting.
At nine, the Sister Training Leaders leave and things begin to wind down in the mission home.

Friday the Holy Ghost is felt powerfully as teaching and training occur, decisions concerning our mission are made, and the love and care for all the missionaries by their leaders is expressed.
These leaders are increasing their faith by their own personal righteousness.  The results of their efforts are being felt throughout the mission.

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