Saturday, February 8, 2014

Delayed New Arrivals, Snow, Delayed Departures

It is unusual for snow to stay on the ground in Mississippi.  I guess with whatever freezing weather hit the rest of the country, we received a dusting of snow!  How about that?
The new arrivals' flight out of Salt Lake was delayed and an astute travel leader made arrangements for their connecting flight in Atlanta, called and let me know (Wow!  Thanks!), and the group arrived in Jackson at 8:58 that night.  I am so impressed with and grateful to that wonderful travel leader!

Long day.  Here's our tired and happy-to-be-here wonderful new missionaries!

Because of the weather and threat of freezing rain on Tuesday, we brought the missionaries who were going to depart for home into the mission home a little early.  Transfers were moved to Thursday because Wednesday would still be dangerous for driving.  It is a wonderful experience to be in the testimony meeting with new missionaries, eager and excited to get going, and seasoned, experienced missionaries who have grown in testimony, wisdom, maturity, strength, valor.  They have endured well.  They have accomplished all they came here to do and much more.  Oh, we love them!

We invited companionships to come for the new missionaries for Tuesday and Wednesday until Transfers on Thursday.  They had their first in-the-field missionary experiences.

 It's always fun to be around missionaries.  They handle surprises, changes, bumps in the road superbly!
 The most beautiful of the departing group was the only one to leave on time.
Her parents' flight was cancelled coming into Jackson.  They scrambled, caught a flight to Monroe and drove to Jackson to pick her up.  They are dear friends from our home stake.
What a sight!  We love them!
These are our departing elders. They packed; their suitcases weighed just the right amount; we took them to the airport. Their flight was cancelled. All the flights on Wednesday were cancelled. We were able to reschedule them on Thursday. I worried for those calls home to tell parents that they would be delayed one more day.
Thursday we went to the Transfer Point.  We enjoyed all the missionaries who gathered there.
Then it was off to the airport with these great and patient missionaries.  The app on the president's phone said the flight was "On Time."  We arrived at the airport.  There were some unusual lines.  We put the suitcases on the scales, checked in, and the flight was CANCELLED again!
If I was one of their moms, I wouldn't have believed another call like that.
Back to the office we went.  One of our senior office couples kept them overnight until Friday.  The other senior office couple fixed them breakfast and then off to the airport once again. 
At last!  Homeward bound!  They made it!  We love them and miss them like crazy.
We attended an oh-so-good Stake Conference!
We were able to see our precious sister and our friends (and a bunch of spectacular missionaries) one more time before they drove off into the sunset!

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