Sunday, March 23, 2014


 Sometimes missionaries come back to visit.
We love them still and we love their families.
They became brothers in the mission.  They'll be brothers always.
That's a happy thought for mission moms and dads.


 Missionary Pedigree.
Grandson, Grandfather/Father, Son.
Trainee, Trainer, Trained/Trainer.
Remarkable, wonderful missionaries!


How much I love these and all our missionaries!  Parents can be so proud! 
There are good feelings in this mission. 
We are all so very blessed to be here at this time.
Thanks for your faith, prayers and encouragement for your missionaries and all the missionaries who are so faithfully serving throughout this big world.
We will continue with interviews this coming week.
Thank you to the missionaries who remind me to take these pictures.
I want to you see every beautiful and handsome one of them!


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