Sunday, March 16, 2014


 Our new missionaries arrive just a little early for transfers and get some time in the Family History Library to email their families.
All is well.  Everyone arrived safely and they seem happy to be here.
The Assistants finish a few more details
to organize places for the luggage to be put for the correct destinations.

 Areas are color-coded and pipe cleaners placed by the missionaries on their
bags to get them to the correct Zones.
Gradually more and more missionaries begin coming. I was told this would be a smaller transfer. I believed that for a little while.






  And then, yikes!  My memory stick was full!
We circled up, sang a song, said a prayer, drivers came to the center of the circle,
called the names,
And a new transfer started again.
Always an amazing process. 
Happy missionaries off to new areas, or off to current areas, determined to find those ready to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Love all those missionaries!

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