Sunday, September 21, 2014

Interviews Interviews Interviews

One of our favorite things about these frequent interviews is being with the missionaries!
It is great to see the newest and newer ones adjusting, learning, growing, enjoying the work.
Oh, we love all these wonderful missionaries!
You can be so proud of them.
We are.


 Welcome Back!
 These companions drove to Jackson to pick up this sister returning after recovering from an injury.  We are glad she's back!
We're not the only ones.

Interviews Complete.
Next: Specialized we come!


  1. We're thrilled to find your fantastic blog! Our son opened his call so serve in your mission reporting to the MTC December 17th! Looks like the best mission in the Church! :)

  2. Ow how I love to see the smiling face of my son, thank you for taking the time to always post pictures of all of the missionaries, and more importantly thank you for loving them... I am so Grateful that Elder Hartman is there with YOU.