Monday, March 16, 2015

Please Get Well Soon! Then Come Back.

During a service project many months ago, this elder injured his back.  When it didn't improve, we started sending him to doctors.  Still no improvements, other doctors, other treatments.  He was patient and long suffering.  He returned home to get well.  We miss him!  We hope he gets well and returns soon.


Just a small miracle.  When we took him to the airport, we were plenty early for his flight leaving around 9:00 AM.  That flight was cancelled.  The next opportunity for him to catch a flight wasn't until the next day because of Spring Break and big groups needing to be rescheduled.  The ticket agent told us that if he went to the gate right then, they would wait for him and he could get on the flight that was supposed to leave right then.  They held the flight for him and he was able to get to Atlanta to catch his flight home.  Nice way to start a day!  Such incredibly nice people at the Jackson Airport!  They treat us with kindness always.

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