Monday, March 16, 2015

Zone Conference March 9, 2015

 When we arrive, the cars are OPEN for inspection.  Missionaries are busy cleaning, shining, vacuuming, polishing, checking, gaging, recording, perfecting those cars!
 During one of the breaks, the books, notebooks, scriptures, Preach My Gospels, and missionary stuff are impressive.  They have come to learn and record what they are learning.
 Two boxes at the top of your page:
Revelatory Box and Commitment Box.
 Our Area Medical Adviser and his wife traveled with us to each Zone Conference.
They gave a presentation about preventing injuries (sports, car, bike), good nutrition (My Plate), and adequate hydration to the missionaries (4 bottles H2O for sisters and 6 bottles H2O for elders daily).  Then they set up a room where missionaries could come one by one and ask questions about injuries or illnesses.  That was a nice service for our AMA and his wife to give to the missionaries.  They helped a lot of missionaries during the week! Thank you!

 At the beginning of the week, the rain came before and after inspections, so the BOSH award was given to deserving missionaries.

Good Job!  Congratulations!

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