Monday, March 11, 2013

Greenwood, Mississippi

We were on our way to Greenville, Mississippi, and stopped in Greenwood, Mississippi, to see these wonderful missionaries.  We had a few extra minutes before their next appointment and they took us to see this beautiful, southern mansion!  Have you seen "The Help?"  This is the house in that movie.

The current owner is kind and generous and moved her car for more pictures.  There is a sign on the fence at the road that welcomes people to come and see the house.
We haven't seen the movie and so we didn't know the significance of the willow tree and little bench, but the missionaries assured us it was an important part of the movie and we should have a picture on the bench.
There was a row of magnificent huge oak trees along the lane into the house.  When they moved the house to this location, I bet they saw how grand these trees were!
This gives you a better idea of the size.....
Lots of acorns!


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