Monday, March 25, 2013

Zone Conferences March 2013


Texarkana Zone
Shreveport Zone
Monroe Zone

Clinton Zone

Jackson Zone
As recommended by the Missionary Department, we held our Zone Conferences at tables
arranged like a U. The President likes it a lot because he likes to move around as he talks.
We all liked the arrangement.

The arrangement easily allows for practicing which helps our missionaries learn how to teach well.

On day two in each Zone, we held Specialized Training.  District Leaders, Trainers, New Missionaries and Sisters all had opportunities for more training and questions and answers.  We are getting more sisters and this is a wonderful time to gather, strengthen, testify, enjoy!
Elder and Sister Rose attended this first week of Zone Conferences and Specialized Training with us.
Elder Rose is our Area Medical Adviser.  He is kind and patient and I call him a lot! 
(He is not is this picture.  You may have noticed.)

It is fun to pull into the Church parking lot and find a bunch of shiney,
clean missionary cars ready for inspection.  Missionaries compete against each other for
first, second and third place in clean and cared-for cars. 
They know how to fill the fluids and check the air. 
They know all the places to clean to make their cars exceptional.  They make us proud.
Hattiesburg Zone

 Gulfport Zone

Slidell Zone
 Elder and Sister Rose, after many hours and miles of traveling, returned to join us for
Gulfport and Slidell Zone Conference.
We are blessed with wonderful missionaries and excellent medical support!
Missionaries work hard, enjoy the work, and are blessed for their obedience.
We are too!

Trying to arrange, tidy and straighten each group for pictures, she is the best!
Pictures turn out better when she puts us where we belong.

Before it starts, missionaries enjoy
this wonderful (and brief) association.


Looking over these missionaries fills my heart with love and gratitude. 
We are so blessed to be here in the MJM, get to know them,
and watch them learn and grow into the spiritual, knowledgeable giants they become.

Being with the Sisters is always a delight!
I am very proud of the way they are all handling everything that is asked of them!
They do a lot.  They give a lot.  They smile and offer more.
This mission is blessed by them.


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