Monday, July 8, 2013

Go Forth to Serve and Do Your Best

One of our visa waiting sisters got her visa!
Off she goes.  Brazil will be blessed.
Jackson, Mississippi where she served with her two companions was very blessed.
Almost immediately here come our newest missionaries to the MJM.
Our newest group of visa waiting sisters came on a different flight not long after the first group.
Add these four and our total is 22.
We have the sisters stay at the mission home and the elders stay with members their first night here.
One last picture of the group on the front porch the next morning 
and then we're away to the transfer point.
Some of the new missionaries get to meet their companions.
Others will meet them when they're delivered to their new areas.
Missionaries always love to see other missionaries they haven't seen for awhile.
Transfer Points are fun.  They play volleyball, basketball, and email while they
wait for the transfer vehicles to arrive.
Remember the sister who broke and sprained her foot?
Nearly all healed, out of her big boot, and walking.

 The transfer vehicles have arrived.  The rental truck is packed.
We circle up for prayer.  Then each driver comes to the center and each missionary's name is read so they know who they will travel with.  This helps the new missionaries a lot.
Then out the door they go!  They're off!
The MJM is being flooded with wonderful, powerful, knowledgeable, humble missionaries.
We've outgrown the original twelve passenger van, trailer and truck.
We now carry all the missionaries' belongings in this rental truck.
It has worked out well.

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