Sunday, July 21, 2013


This happened a long time ago in mission time.  On the same week as new arrivals, transfers and departures, we held Mission Leader Council.  The elders, Zone Leaders and Assistants including a new Assistant, stayed overnight at the mission home and the Sister Training Leaders stayed overnight at the Miller's.  So kind of the Millers to let the sisters come!  I think everyone had a great time.  Elder and Sister Lefgren came to the mission home Thursday evening and told campfire stories while ZLs and STLs waited to visit with President McDonough.  Awindago, awindago, awindago!  On Friday we went to the church and enjoyed the teaching, the training, the practicing, the possible policy decisions, the Spirit, and the testimonies.  I think everyone also enjoyed the lunch served by Sister Miller, Sister Edwards, and Sister Lefgren.  Thank you!  MLC is a very strengthening time.  These amazing young leaders carry a lot of responsibility to inform, teach, and train the missionaries in their zones and areas.
The Sister Training Leaders spent most of the week at the mission home while continuing to refine their responsibilities and schedule with all of the sisters in our mission, new and not as new..... or new and newer.  These new Sister Leaders are a valuable asset to this mission.  We are very grateful for all of these dynamic, strong, valiant leaders.

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  1. I received my mission call to Jackson Mississippi just over a month ago and ever since then I check this blog everyday. I feel the spirit of Mississippi already just from looking at all the fun pictures and smiling missionaries! I cannot wait to meet ya'll!