Monday, July 8, 2013

Second Time's the Charm

The evening after transfers, missionaries who have completed their service come to the mission home for dinner, testimony meeting, a last interview with President McDonough
and one last night in the MJM.
Next morning after a restless night's sleep, they're up early, ready and excited to go to the airport.
I'm getting accustomed to having them so happy about going home.
I'm happy for their families who have missed them for two years.
They have served well, learned a lot, strengthened testimony and character.
They're ready for the world!
Here are our three assistants with our excellent elders who are ready to climb on the plane. 
We just called a new assistant to start training because, you guessed it,
another assistant will soon go home too.
After giving our two departing missionaries each a squeeze and watching as they go through security, turn and wave, and a few tears on the way out to the car, we left the airport for the mission office.
The president received a call.
We went back to the airport and picked up our two elders.
They have one more day in the MJM because
bad weather in Atlanta will make them miss their connecting flight. 
They would rather stay in Mississippi with us than in the Atlanta airport over night.
I'm flattered, I think.
Their moms handled their calls home about their situation really well.
We have several errands for them to run while they were with us one more day.
They were gracious and kind and glad to be kept busy.
Serving to the end.  Thank you!
The rest was a repeat of the morning before, but this time the plane took off with them in it.

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  1. So fun! My son is a new assistant to the president in the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission! He will be home in 6 months!!!!!! My parents will be serving in your mission. They have been called to serve on the Kessler Air Force base. They will be there in September. You will love them! I will continue to follow your blog. :) (and of course tell my parents about it.).