Saturday, August 2, 2014

Interviews Continued

 Whenever he isn't with the missionaries, the President is answering emails or he's on the phone, or he's solving puzzles ...... missionary puzzles.  Lovin' this!

 Because of a serious injury while riding his bike, this elder is returning home for surgery.
He is an excellent missionary and we are praying for his full recovery...
And return to the MJM.
 Oh, how we love these missionaries!  And all our missionaries!
 Warm (literally) Welcome to the Bishop's Storehouse!
You're gonna love it.
 Many thanks for your service and dedication to the Bishop's Storehouse.
We have grown to love you.  Happy Trails to you.
Please keep in touch.
And then it's back to Interviews.  Love seeing all these missionaries!

 Identical twins.


 I check Area Books.  What's an Area Book?  A valuable finding tool; a record of the work that's gone on in an area; a legacy of previous missionaries.  I really love seeing the names of missionaries who have served in the MJM.  Love y'all.  Miss y'all.  So blessed you came!

 What happens if I leave the camera unattended?
I really do love these missionaries, every one!

 "It's my BIRTHDAY!"
 We are so glad!  Happy Birthday!
 When missionaries finish their service and the inevitable Going Home arrives,
we just have to say THANK YOU!
We are so glad you came.
You blessed our lives.
 How we love you!
 And then, Interviews move forward.

Another senior couple who we love and who we are so indebted to are preparing to return home.
This sister has fed many missionaries -and us!- many times during their service here.
They are coming upon their "lasts."
Nice decorations, huh.
Their District will dearly miss them.  We will too.  They have worked hard and 
accomplished a lot of good.
Thank you for coming.  Thank you to your family for letting you.

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