Saturday, August 2, 2014


We took a break from Interviews to host MLC at the Mission Home and then at the Brandon Building.  Oh you would be amazed at the wisdom possessed by these young leaders.  They are humble; they are brilliant; they are kind and concerned about the missionaries in their zones and under their stewardship.  They exemplify the Savior.  They are good teachers.  They know how to do and they do missionary work.  Our mission is in good hands with these young leaders. 
You can always turn to them with your concerns and questions.
Aren't we blessed!
Previous to MLC, we have STL training at the Mission Home.
As the Sister Training Leaders arrive, they kick off their shoes and put down their books and bags.
It's fun to have them come.  It's fun to listen to the wisdom they've gained through the experiences they're having.  We are blessed to now have twelve STLs.
What a change from our original four!  They worked so hard!

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