Sunday, August 31, 2014

Woo Hoo! More New Missionaries!

While we waited for our new missionaries to arrive we made a new friend!
New Missionaries gather their luggage.

 They take their luggage out to load into the trailer and truck.
Oh, it was a nice warm (hot), Mississippi day!
We stop for our first group picture.
Welcome to Mississippi and the MJM!

Then it's off to the Church and food, orientation, and brief testimonies.
Oh, and back to the airport to pick up the Spanish speaking elders arriving from the Mexico MTC.
Their flight itineraries came to the Mission Office after they arrived at the airport!
The Mission Offices are located in the Church building close to the airport.
Once we arrive at the Church
President McDonough is interviewing almost the whole time. 
We need to know these wonderful, shiny new missionaries.
 Off we go to the Mission Home and a quick snack of sandwiches and fruit.  President McDonough continues interviewing.  Our new elders pick their beds upstairs. Sisters will stay with members. 
The Mission Home can sleep about eighteen missionaries comfortably.... almost comfortably.
The fourteen new elders stay in the Mission Home.
The seven new sisters go to three different members' homes.
Five sisters return to the Mission Home and breakfast before going to the Transfer Point in Clinton.

They're gonna love it!

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